• When will my order arrive? We do our very best to minimize your wait time! All orders are updated with tracking information on a first come, first serve basis.  If you have any other questions regarding shipping, please call or email us.

  • What is your shipping rate?  $9.65 for most orders, we use the USPS flat-rate Two-day Priority Shipping.  If you have a large order, please contact us to discuss shipping costs. 

  • Do you have local pick-up or delivery?  We are in Orange Beach, Alabama and are more than happy to arrange pick-up or delivery within a 25 mile radius or through other arrangements.  Just indicate it on your order and we will contact you.  If you are not in our area, you MUST pay shipping or your order may not be shipped.

  • How long will my unopened packet last?  Our mixes are shelf-stable but can last longer when put in the fridge or freezer. We recommend using most of them within a year of purchase.  Since we make everything in small batches, you're getting our top-quality, freshest ingredients in every packet. NOTE:  cajun spices usually expire quicker.  

  • Do you have gluten-free mixes?  We do.  We also have a list of all of our products that contain allergens for you to reference.  Please note that all of our products are created in a facility where other food entrepenuers may produce products with gluten in them. If you have any specific concerns or questions about ingredients or nutritional information, please feel free contact us.

  • Can I freeze my dips, desserts or other dishes?  We don't recommend freezing a prepared dip that contains mayonaise or cream cheese.  Those ingredients can separate in the freezer. Other prepared products can be frozen but the texture may change after freezing.

  • Is there an alternative?  We suggest making half a batch if you do not plan on using the whole packet.  Just follow the directions on the package but halve the ingredients required. We recommend putting it all in a ziptop bag and shaking it to evenly distribute your ingredients.  

  • Are there Keto, vegetarian or vegan options for using your mixes?  By nature, our savory dips and most of our cheeseball kits are keto-friendly.  Just always read the label for the mix and the ingredients you're using as the base to make sure they're keto-friendly.  You can always increase protein by using Greek yogurt or blend cottage cheese in the food processor until it is smooth.  Greek cream cheese is a little sweeter than traditional but has a higher protein count and fewer carbs.

    For vegetarian versions, we do have products that contain imitation bacon bits.  No animal products are listed in the ingredients.  

    Many of our products can be made vegan very easily by subbing vegan mayonnaise and dairy-free products.  We recommend this recipe for vegan sour cream. 



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